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Mexico City

Travel & Meeting Information

mexico city zocolo Airlines Serving Mexico City From the US:

American Airlines Connections through Dallas & non-stop from LAX
Continental Airlines Connections Through Houston
US Airways Connections through Phoenix
AeroMexico Non-stop from various US Cities and Europe
Delta Non-stop from LAX, Atlanta and Salt Lake City

Airport arrival & transfers:

Arriving in Benito Juaraz International airport you will go through Mexico Customs which is usually fairly simple. The Mexico City airport has been remodeled in recent years and is very clean and orderly and has a wide selection of good restraunts and shops.

US citizens are now required to have a valid US passport to enter Mexico. At customs you will be asked to push a button which displays a green or red light in front of you. If you get a green light you will proceed immediately to the main airport area where you can find ground transportation. If you get a red light your bags may be searched.

The best way to get from the airport to downtown is by taxi. It is important that you use an official taxi. To do this you must go to an official taxi booth usually located right outside customs. They sell you a taxi voucher according to what zone you will be going to. For the Hotel Majestic & the Hotel Catedral you will be going to the Centro Historico Zone. You will then proceed to the official taxi stand with YELLOW taxis. Official yellow taxis are considered as safe as any taxi in the US. Do not take a green taxi from the airport. Do not accept any offers in the airport for a taxi ride from anyone, always go buy the official voucher.

Our Meeting Place and Time in Mexico City:

We will meet at 8am for breakfast at our hotel. We will confirm our meeting place when we confirm our hotel choice. We will get to know each other and discuss the trip and the itinerary and make sure everyone has all the gear.

Our Hotel in Mexico City:

We normally will use one of the following hotels in downtown Mexico City, depending upon availability. We will confirm our choice 4-6 weeks prior to the trip.

Hotel Majestic, Best Western
This is a historical hotel right on the Zocalo. They have a terrace bar and restaraunt that has a spectacular view of the Zocolo, presidential palace and National Cathedral.

They have a large all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. The rooms are older and a little small, but it has been renovated in recent years since becoming a Best Western Property. Like much of Mexico City, The main Zocolo or square can get a bit noisy, but you are right in the center of a lot of sights.

Hotel Catedral
Located in the Zocolo area, the is a very clean and modern hotel with quiet rooms and a breakfast buffet.

Safe travel in Mexico City:

Mexico City can be a relatively safe and fun city. There are sections of the city that can be as safe (or safer) than many major cities in the US or Europe. Approximately 20% of Mexico City can be relatively safe and since it is one of the largest cities in the world, that 20% is a very large area. Reccomended sections of the city to stay within are the Zocolo, Zona Rosa, Condesa, Polanco & Coyoacan.

Sites to see:

  • The anthropological museum, one the best in the world
  • Chapultepec Park, very safe and full of families. It closes down in the evening.
  • The presidential palace and the Diego Rivera murals there.
  • The national cathedral and the Zocolo.
  • Coyoacan, visit Freida's "Casa Azul" and Trotsky's home (where he got assasinated with an mountaineering ice ax!) as well as many great cafes and restaurants.
  • Xochimilco. The "venice" of Mexico city (a bit of a stretch). Great if you want to float around on gondolas for a few hours drinking cerveza and eating Mexican food.


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